Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dung Heap

      You may recall from previous posts that I maintain a compost pile back behind the barn. When we clean out the stalls, barns, run-ins, and cages it all goes in the pile. The compost requires regular maintenance so that's what I did this afternoon. I rake up all the material that the chickens spread around. They love scratching through it. They find all kinds of bugs and worms in there. Their scratching helps with the health of the compost but it still needs regular work. To turn the compost I shovel it from one side of the pile to the other then form it into a nice stack. After that I shovel all the chicken scratched stuff onto the top. The scratched material is dry and fluffy and makes an insulating layer over the heap. It usually heats up pretty good after I first turn it. You can feel the heat if you lay your hand on it and it steams on cool mornings. I must be doing it right, the vegetables in the garden love it.

The heaping pile of dung.

While I was playing in poop Lisa was in Lexington doing home visits for Heartland Sheltie Rescue. She found Shadow a home. Shadow is a sable and white rescue who has been staying with us.


Poppy did manage to get a few rounds of ball chasing in before and after I went composting

Poppy resting in a sunbeam after playing ball. I was watching zombie shows. 

We had to get new tires on the 4-wheeler this year. The old ones had dry rotted and didn't hold air anymore. We went with and aggressive agricultural profile instead of a sport tread. We need the bite in mud and snow.

New ATV tires.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fetch Jim Fetch

I worked from home today and Poppy took full advantage. She must think that since I am sitting around doing nothing I should be throwing the ball. The first time, I was working on a report with information that management needed before an afternoon meeting with the customer. What good is some report? How could that be important? It doesn't fling a ball across the yard. The next time I was deploying services for another customer. I mean, it's not like it was going to make our company much money. It can wait, there was a ball on the shelf with my name on it. It really got bad after lunch.

Could you say no to those faces?

I couldn't say no.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Color is "Coral"

I got a new job working in Lexington. After more than nine years at IBM they decided they could do without me. I like where I am now. I'm working as an IT consultant with a mid-sized Managed Service Provider. My main role is Vmware Engineer but I do other system admin stuff as well.

My cubicle. I need some cat pictures. 

The network login there requires a two part authentication. One of the parts is a random code generated by an app on your smart phone. My phone was a stupid phone so I had to get a smart phone. Luckily the guy in the next cubicle had an old iPhone 5c he sold me for $10. I put a bring-your-own-phone card in it and I was geared up.

Since I now have a smartphone I had to take the
obligatory selfie in the bathroom mirror.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Lambs of 2017

I'm sorry you all have missed the last few years of the bloody reality that is lambing season. This year's batch of lambs have done really well. We only had two bums and I don't think any of them died randomly. Maybe next year I can bring back all the gory details!

We had them in the catch pen for their final worming.
You can see the spotted llama in the background. That's "Freckles".

It's hard to tell but I think there are 30. Two of them are getting
promoted to breeding ewes. It's the two on the right next to the weeds.

They don't like the crowding but it is necessary for worming.

In case you had not heard, we lost Leo. He stowed away on Heather's
truck and was never seen again.

He may have been the worst lap cat ever, but I miss him.

Monday, September 18, 2017

New Trailer Floor

It was past time to put a new floor in the old livestock trailer. It was mostly 2x8 pressure treated but I added a 2x10 and a 2x4 to get the numbers to come out even. That way I didn't have to make the long rip cuts. I worked on the lights and did a little painting too.
The trailer backed into the loading pen.

New pressure treated floor and plywood walls.
Lisa painted the walls and stapled the welded wire.
The wire is so the livestock hooves will have traction.

The welded wire. We had heavy rubber stall mats in there before.
They work okay but are difficult to move so they tend to stay put.
Another problem is they never dry out underneath, which is bad for the wood. 

This is Chance. He's the one that got to go for a ride.

This is the trailer after Chance's ride.
To be fair, we did load him the night before, so he was in there quite a while.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

You May Have Noticed

It's possible that you have noticed I haven't been posting here for a while. I had my reasons and I think I'm over it. So, let's see how this goes.

As usual, Andy is finding downed trees and cutting them up for us. The latest load was a big tree that fell off a cliff at the quarry.  I met Andy at the quarry and picked it up. He had already cut it into pieces ready for splitting. There was more there than he originally thought so I took the trailer. Good thing.

The logs were quite heavy so I rolled them off the end of the trailer and split them right there. The un-split logs were to big for me to stack by myself. I'm glad the log splitter has a vertical position. 

I finished splitting that load yesterday. It filled the 8'x5' rack in the wood shed. It's a little mounded but they settle sometimes.

It is some beautiful oak. We probably won't need to burn it until next winter. It should be nicely seasoned by then.

It was hot today and I played ball with the girls this afternoon. Poppy got worn out. She likes to sit on the floor vent when the AC is on. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

New Post

I know it's been a while. I'll try to catch you up.

It was a good summer. We had a lot of rain in July, August was dry and September was hot.

 Andy found a fallen tree in the field behind his house. It was a pretty good sized oak.

 We went over to pick it up. Andy cut the logs.

 We stacked the logs on our big trailer and piled the branches outside the mow line.

 Lisa came out to help load and parked under the tree. We took a couple of breaks over there in the shade, it was a hot day.

 It was nice being able to get right up next to the tree.

 The fallen tree had made a big obstacle in the hay field.

 It was a decent size load with some big pieces.

 A few weeks before we had gone over to Kylie's to get another fallen tree. It was a big Sycamore that had fallen in her creek.We brought it home and split it.

 There are two racks this size there now and both are full.

 We got some new chickens. The old chickens are getting worn out.

 We planted some more maple trees. This one in the back yard.

 This one by the chicken coop.

 The new chickens after a few weeks.

  We have some new foster dogs too. This is Chipsey. She's a bi-black Sheltie.

 She spent a lot of time outdoors and got sun bleached. She'll be solid black.

 This is the bi-blue, Mary.

 Leo having a snooze.

 Supplies for the new fence. This year was no different. We put in fence.

 It is a replacement for the barbed wire fence between the two pastures.

 There will be a 10' gate here by the old road bed.

 An 8' gate goes in the corner.

Wire and barbed wire stretched to the first gate.

 The fence runs along the creek to the corner of the shed yard. It is field wire so we can put sheep in there.

 We hired Bobby Griffett to install the fence. This is his stretcher clamp.

 The old door.

 The new door outside. It has a storm door with a screened window.

 The new door inside. We bought it at Lowes and had Billy Tubbs put it in. He did great work.

 The wood on the right is from Andy's tree. The left is the oak from the hay field. Hopefully we won't need it until next winter.

 We still have the post wood to split for this years firewood.