Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Happy Holidays

We had a nice Thanksgiving. We didn't have anyone staying here this year but still had a great family get together.

 Yoda has been sitting by the fire to keep warm.

Heather was trying to sneak up on me.

 Bryan and Cathryn were there. The girls like Bryan.

It turned cold again this week. We got a little snow but mostly wind and cold.

Poppy still likes to stay near the fire. Cassie has more hair than Poppy now so she's okay with the cold.

It looks wintry. 

The ewes like it when it gets cold. They have the front pasture and the pond pasture now. Ellie is over in the top pasture. 

The calves are getting beefy. They're staying in the ram pasture until the big cattle go to their final destination.

Jeff doesn't like the beefy visitors.

We had to bring the hose up to thaw it out. It sat in the bathtub overnight.

The latest foster dogs. Missy is the little one and the other one is Shadow. They're retired brood bitches from a puppy farm. 

Friday, November 16, 2018

First Snow

It snowed yesterday afternoon and most of the night. It was pretty out this morning. 
The day before it was all ice. I was in Lexington yesterday so I got to drive home in it. 

There were big wet flakes then it turned to the smaller ones when it got cold.

Dennis is in the front yard with Joanie while the ram is in with the ewes.

It really wasn't much accumulation because the ground was still warm. Everything is wet now.

Cassie had never seen snow. Poppy was showing her how to play in it. She loved it.

Cassie found a sun beam.

Poppy curled up with her favorite blanket.

Even Yoda was getting warm by the fire.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Woodford County Canine Olympics

We went to the Canine Olympics on Sunday. Poppy and Cassie went with us but they didn't do any sports.

Cassie found her first woolly worm.
Betty hanging out with Yoda.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Clark County Broke the Internet

We lost phone and Internet yesterday afternoon. Lisa saw the county workmen down there on her way home. When she came in I was on the phone with AT&T. They still haven't arrived to fix it. I went down to the work site and found the broken wire pretty quick. They had the line located but missed our trunk line. The loader operator didn't miss our trunk line.

You can see the broken wire in the bank.
They were cleaning up the gravel that runs off of Scarborough's driveway. They over did it and decided to get fancy. 
The junction box is down there by the garbage can.
The line comes down our side of the road and then up through the pastures.
The line locate on the wrong side.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sunset Over the Pond

The ewes are back in the front pasture. Lisa got them moved today. They seem to like the Johnson grass that has come up  in there. 

Cassie was playing with a spider. She learned how to play with thing from Betty. 
Warm night. Winter is coming.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Wood Chunk Cage

The last batch of firewood I picked up over at "the source" had a lot of smaller log slices. They were short after being split and didn't fit in the firewood racks. I put together this cage to hold them. I got the idea from Lisa's rock cage from the pod back in 2008.

It will burn just fine.

The Pod from 2008. Lisa packed all our decorative rock collection in the cage.

The Pod driver did comment on how heavy our unit was. 

Cassie! Stop chewing on the bark.

What bark? I'm not chewing on bark.

Ruffles (a.k.a. Rustles) 
Pond dinosaur.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sheep Chair

I found a place to store the sheep chair. It comes apart but doesn't go back together easily. It should be okay in front of the window. 

I usually wear the Kalashnikov 74 but have been carrying the Magnum for the last few days. The Mag is really lightweight but I'm used to the tip down carry of the Kalashnikov. 

The sheep chair is to restrain the sheep so you can work on them. 

The Böker Magnum

The Böker Kalashnicov 74 in high visibility orange. The orange is good in case I drop it in the grass. I have a black one to carry in the winter. I like Böker Autos.

It was a nice warm October day today. There may not be many more warm days this year. 

Luna was saying hi to Kathy.