Monday, October 19, 2015

New Post

I know it's been a while. I'll try to catch you up.

It was a good summer. We had a lot of rain in July, August was dry and September was hot.

 Andy found a fallen tree in the field behind his house. It was a pretty good sized oak.

 We went over to pick it up. Andy cut the logs.

 We stacked the logs on our big trailer and piled the branches outside the mow line.

 Lisa came out to help load and parked under the tree. We took a couple of breaks over there in the shade, it was a hot day.

 It was nice being able to get right up next to the tree.

 The fallen tree had made a big obstacle in the hay field.

 It was a decent size load with some big pieces.

 A few weeks before we had gone over to Kylie's to get another fallen tree. It was a big Sycamore that had fallen in her creek.We brought it home and split it.

 There are two racks this size there now and both are full.

 We got some new chickens. The old chickens are getting worn out.

 We planted some more maple trees. This one in the back yard.

 This one by the chicken coop.

 The new chickens after a few weeks.

  We have some new foster dogs too. This is Chipsey. She's a bi-black Sheltie.

 She spent a lot of time outdoors and got sun bleached. She'll be solid black.

 This is the bi-blue, Mary.

 Leo having a snooze.

 Supplies for the new fence. This year was no different. We put in fence.

 It is a replacement for the barbed wire fence between the two pastures.

 There will be a 10' gate here by the old road bed.

 An 8' gate goes in the corner.

Wire and barbed wire stretched to the first gate.

 The fence runs along the creek to the corner of the shed yard. It is field wire so we can put sheep in there.

 We hired Bobby Griffett to install the fence. This is his stretcher clamp.

 The old door.

 The new door outside. It has a storm door with a screened window.

 The new door inside. We bought it at Lowes and had Billy Tubbs put it in. He did great work.

 The wood on the right is from Andy's tree. The left is the oak from the hay field. Hopefully we won't need it until next winter.

 We still have the post wood to split for this years firewood.



  1. not enough wood yet! need to be set for a few years!

  2. Nice update Jim. Its amazing how much you guy got done this year! Thanks for the update!

  3. Wow, lots of wood now. You're ready for the zombie apocalypse. Thanks for the update.
    Hi Paige! Hi Leo!


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