Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Color is "Coral"

I got a new job working in Lexington. After more than nine years at IBM they decided they could do without me. I like where I am now. I'm working as an IT consultant with a mid-sized Managed Service Provider. My main role is Vmware Engineer but I do other system admin stuff as well.

My cubicle. I need some cat pictures. 

The network login there requires a two part authentication. One of the parts is a random code generated by an app on your smart phone. My phone was a stupid phone so I had to get a smart phone. Luckily the guy in the next cubicle had an old iPhone 5c he sold me for $10. I put a bring-your-own-phone card in it and I was geared up.

Since I now have a smartphone I had to take the
obligatory selfie in the bathroom mirror.



  1. you know there should be a thingy you can tap and it takes the picture facing towards you. my phone does it and its way older! its so you don't need a mirror . . .

  2. It does have that, but people wouldn't see how pretty my phone is.


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